New or refurb, you can already save $100 or more off the regular price. Plus: A free (with purchase) Google Home Mini.

For me, the Echo Show is no-sale at $229. But $100? Absolutely definitely maybe!

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Happy Sunday, friends! Just a quick reminder that Amazon Prime Day starts on Monday (tomorrow!) at noon PT, 3 p.m. ET, and runs for 36 hours straight, until 11:59 p.m. PT Tuesday. We expect so many good deals that newsletter subscribers will receive two Cheapskate emails: One for the daily deal, one for Prime Day stuff. (Haven’t subscribed yet? Head to the subscriptions tab on your CNET Profile page, then scroll down to the Deals section.)

I’m a big fan of the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, but I never saw much point to the flashiest member of the family, the Echo Show. Who needs a screen? Especially one shoehorned into a dated, unattractive shell?

Most of all, I balked at the $229 price tag. I’m good with the $100 Echo and $50 Echo Dot, thanks.

When Amazon started selling the Echo Show for $130 as the first early Prime Day deal, however, my ears pricked up a little.

GET THE ECHO SHOW FOR $130Want to save $20 more? Note that Amazon also has certified-refurbished Echo Shows for $110. That includes a full one-year warranty, too. (The black one has sold out, but the white one is still available.)

GET A REFURBED ECHO SHOWNew or refurbed, I’m a lot more tempted now. My 1st-gen Echo is the most-used one in the house, and it resides in the kitchen. We use it a lot for music, and I wouldn’t mind an audio upgrade. (In CNET’s Echo Show review, Ry Crist described the sound as “surprisingly strong — and, to my ear, noticeably better than the Amazon Echo.”) Meanwhile, a screen for showing recipes? That would indeed be helpful.

And now I’m thinking about one for my parents down in Florida, as video calls are a strong part of the Show’s DNA.

So, yeah, this is really tempting. If you already have an Echo Show, by all means hit the comments and tell me what you like and don’t like.

Bonus deal: Speaking of smart-home stuff, Ebay is once again offering a free Google Home Mini — this time when you spend at least $119. And it just so happens Ebay has a bunch of stuff on sale for exactly $119, including an Asus Zenfone V and a refurbished 1st-gen Apple Watch.


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