WhatsApp has released a slew of features and one of its most anticipated features is the dark mode that’s been under development for a while now. WhatsApp Android Beta updates have revealed features in the past that are a part of ongoing development including the battery saver settings. Now, a new series of features have been spotted in the latest WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.354 for Android.



WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.354: what’s new?

Dark Avatar for the Dark Theme, and small references for the Dark VoIP UI!https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-beta-for-android-2-19-354-whats-new/ …

NOTE: The Dark Theme is not available yet and it will be enabled in the future.

WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.354: what’s new? | WABetaInfoWhatsApp has recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.19.354. What’s new in this update?wabetainfo.com

197 3:32 AM – Dec 4, 2019

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The new beta updates highlights the features including new avatar placeholders for the WhatsApp Dark Mode and a new VoIP screen with dark elements. These new changes have been spotted by a popular site WABetaInfo that offers timely updates on WhatsApp. The VoIP screen surfaces every time a user receives a WhatsApp call.

These changes are part of the beta update and cannot be viewed by the public. The avatar images can be used when the dark mode is enabled and can be used in case of broadcasts and individual profiles. Another feature i.e. the VoIP screen will have a darker green background to reduce eye strain.

Another feature Battery saver settings was spotted recently as part of the WhatsApp’s beta for Android Version 2.19.353. With this new option, WhatsApp can automatically enable/disable the Dark Theme that’s based on your Battery Saver settings. There aren’t many details leaked surrounding what this feature is supposed to do. But, it’s likely that the feature would switch WhatsApp to dark mode once the battery levels of the phone drop down. However, this battery saver option would be visible on Android 9 and lower version and you’d get the system default option instead on Android 10.



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