If you’re only watching The Mandalorian for a brief respite from reality in the Force-sensitive arms of gentle baby Yoda… we forgive you.

Seriously, you don’t have to care at all about the wider Star Wars canon (though that is pretty cool). We see you, and we accept you. What is The Child if not the best and most adorable unifying force in our galaxy?

In fact, we thought we’d make a little game out of the antics of our favorite green goober: Baby Yoda Cuteness Bingo. Cover a square for each cute thing The Child does, whether it’s in this week’s episode, the whole season, the entire series, or those fanfics you read on weekends. We just want you to be happy.

The Child is here for you
The Child is here for you

The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+ with new episodes every Friday.



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