“Buy one, get one” deals include iPhones, Pixel phones, Samsung Galaxies and LG phones.

Michael Brochstein/Getty Images

Verizon’s new BOGO deals could save you hundreds on the latest phonesfrom AppleGoogleSamsung and LG.

Starting Thursday, the carrier is offering BOGO — buy one, get one — deals on top smartphones for a limited time. To get the deal you have to activate a new line and devices must be purchased on a payment plan.

Here’s the breakdown:

Verizon didn’t specify the time frame for this limited-time offer. Customers will receive credits in their account — either $800 or $750 depending on the phone they pick — over 24 months.

Starting Thursday, Verizon will also include Apple Music in its Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans. Customers on these unlimited plans were offered a six-month trial of Apple Music, now they’ll get Apple Music permanently at no additional cost.


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