TL;DR: Master one of the OG social media platforms with the Facebook Marketing Master Class Bundle for $35 in the Mashable Shop.

Despite the growth of other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook remains one of the best, if not the best platform for digital marketing. It’s not just a small branch of the digital marketing tree, either: It’s one of the biggest, most vital ways for businesses to market their products and get new customers.

Just consider your own personal Facebook feed for a second. How often do you find yourself liking and clicking on advertisements without even realizing they’re advertisements? Damn you, Zuckerberg. 

The good news is you can actually master this important digital marketing medium for yourself. This Facebook Marketing Master Class Bundle is your primer.

The bundle features nine courses and 579 lessons that dive deep into the weird and wonderful world of Facebook marketing. You’ll start by learning how to create your own Facebook ads and crack the code behind writing the perfect posts, as well as how to design your personal profile and business page to drive conversions. Then, you’ll go below the surface by learning the Facebook sales funnel blueprint, secrets of retargeting campaigns, and how to build a profitable chatbot.

The Facebook Marketing Master Class Bundle is valued at $1,887, but you can snag it for just $35 right now.


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