The official Twitter app is once again available for the Mac.

The company discontinued the app, which had dismal ratings, in February last year, pointing users to simply visit the web version of Twitter. 

But the new version is different. It’s actually a Mac-tailored port of Twitter’s iPad app, created with macOS Catalina’s Project Catalyst tech, which lets developers easily port iPad apps to run on the Mac. Yes, this means that you need to run Catalina on your Mac to be able to run the new Twitter app. 

While Twitter’s iPad app is nice enough, it’s still designed for the iPad and not the Mac. While it’s possible to fine-tune this, some early reviews of the app, which complain about confusing interface and tiny text, indicate that Twitter still has some work to do in this department. 

Power users still might want to look at Twitter’s own Tweetdeck, which is also available for the Mac, or the third-party TweetBot, as both apps offer a number of more advanced options. 

Of course, you can still use the web version of Twitter, too, so kudos to Twitter for giving users a fair amount of options to choose for their tweeting experience on the Mac. 

The new Twitter app for the Mac is available in the Mac App Store (note that the “Get” option will be greyed out if you’re not running Catalina).


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