It isn’t much.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah has pointed out that, taking into account everything we know about the new COVID-19 variant Omicron thus far, the freaking out maybe a bit premature.

“We shouldn’t panic, because this variant was just discovered so there’s still a ton that we don’t know about it,” said Noah. “We don’t know how long it’s been around, we don’t know if it causes more severe illness, we don’t know if it can evade our vaccines.”

In fact, Noah contends that while it’s good to be alert, an alarm is unwarranted — particularly as Omicron’s mutations may turn out to be relatively meaningless.

“Like when Apple acts like it’s making tons of changes to the iPhone, and then we’re like, ‘Ah, I need a new iPhone!'” said Noah. “And then when you get it, and you’re like, ‘Wait. It’s just a slightly different camera? I killed a man in line for this thing.”


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