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The Sensel Morph trackpad is a digital creative’s dream


Our computers have become indispensable creation tools, but let’s face it: The decades-old keyboard-and-mouse combo aren’t the best way to edit video, draw or play music. That’s where the Sensel Morph comes in. It’s a pressure-sensitive touchpad that lets you swap in multiple overlays and instantly switch gears between video editing, painting, music creation, gaming, coding and other tasks.

There are already a number of media controllers out there, and I’ve tested a couple, including the Palette Gear and the Loupedeck. But after using the Sensel Morph for a couple of days, I have to say that it really stands out from the pack. It’s the most clever and versatile device I’ve tested, and though it’s a bit expensive at $299, plus more for extra overlays, it’s worth it for artists, musicians and editors, especially if you wear more than one of those hats.

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