Come for a long-overdue acknowledgment of the ongoing “climate emergency,” stay for the job offer. 

A visit to the fresh official White House website under the Biden administration includes expected calls to “get involved” and staff bios. But that’s just on the surface. One level below, buried in the site’s HTML source code, lies a hidden message: come work for the U.S. Digital Service.

“<!— If you’re reading this, we need your help building back better. —>,” reads the message. 

Worth a shot.
Worth a shot.

Founded in 2014, USDS’ initial goal was to “[modernize] immigration, Veterans’ benefits, and” The organization seeks to “[bring] together with the best engineering, design, and government talent to change our government’s approach to technology.”

Hey, a real, actual chance to be best — and get paid for it in the process. 

Things are looking up already.


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