The Google Assistant has a new problem pertaining to Android devices. Numerous users now claim that the wake-word “Ok Google” is actually waking up the wrong devices and leaving the screen on.

As per a report by Android Police, Android users are reporting a bug with Google Assistant, which causes their device’s screen to stay powered on indefinitely after hearing the wake phrase ‘Hey Google’, which could cause a host of potential problem, ranging from severe battery drain to even permanent screen damage. The users who noticed the bug say that no matter what they try to do to turn off the screen, it doesn’t work, causing the phone’s battery to drain too quickly.

As per the report, the problem has been known since September, where it popped up on the Google support forums. For now, it appears to be particularly troublesome on Pixel phones and Google Home devices, but the reason behind it remains unknown. Google, meanwhile, hasn’t commented on the problem and there’s no telling when a fix may be released.

Artem Russakovskii@ArtemR

Love it when my Google devices hear me say Hey Google, realize I’m talking to the Google Home, and THEN NEVER TURN OFF THEIR SCREENS.

Presumably, this Pixel 3 will remain on until the heat death of the universe or its screen catches fire, whichever comes first.

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What’s also strange is the fact that, the problem doesn’t appear to happen all the time. According to Android Police, there are times when Google Assistant works just fine and others when it malfunctions.

For now, then, users should limit their use of Google Assistant until a fix is announced. And although it only appears to affect Google devices at the moment, one OnePlus 6T user also reported a similar problem, so even if you’re using other devices, keep an eye on your Assistant use.

As we wait for a fix, its probably a good idea to keep an eye on your phone every now and then (particularly if you own other devices with Google Assistant) so you can turn the screen off manually if necessary.


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