Samsung has basically confirmed its new earbuds will be called the Galaxy Buds Live — not, sadly, the Galaxy Beans. 

First spotted by The Verge, an update to the connected Galaxy Buds Live app hints at what to expect. 

The app update comes only a week after a promotional video and images of the earbuds were leaked on Twitter. What followed were a few hilarious memes poking fun at what will forever be known as the Galaxy Beans.

According to screenshots, also obtained by The Verge, the app also confirms the Buds Live will feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC) you can toggle on and off — finally. 

Both the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ have an “ambient mode” to make it easier to hear noise around you, but the Buds Live are the first to come equipped with ANC.

Samsung clearly got to the update a little early.
Samsung clearly got to the update a little early.

When specs leaked last week, we noticed there weren’t any silicone tips to attach to the buds. It left us wondering what would help seal the space between the ear canals and buds. According to the app’s instructions, that problem appears to be solved if you just wear them correctly. 

The app instructs users to “make sure the left and right earbud are in the correct ear, with the speaker facing inward” for the best sound and ANC. It looks like the earbuds will also have a variety of touch controls. 

The Buds and Buds+ come with silicone tips in different sizes to fit comfortably in all types of ear canals. Without those tips, will Buds Live really fit everyone?

You know what will really be a struggle? Referring to these as Galaxy Buds Live at Samsung’s Unpacked event on Aug. 5. All I’ll see will be Galaxy Beans


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