A pizza in the shape of a jack-o’-lantern sounds exciting in theory, but in reality it looks creepy AF.

Papa John’s, the pizza chain that came under fire in 2018 after its founder and former CEO John Schnatter reportedly used a racial slur during a conference call, recently tried to hype customers up for Halloween with a festive seasonal special: A pizza shaped like a jack-o’-lantern with pepperonis.

The promotional photo of the $11.00 pizza looked sort of cute and also sort of creepy, but it also looked well put together with a good-sized stem, symmetrical olive pupils, and nice, clean pepperoni crust, eyes, and mouth.

Papa John’s Pizza@PapaJohns


The Jack-O’-Lantern pizza is back. It’s a lot like a normal Jack-O’-Lantern, except you’re the one with lights in your eyes. Grab one for just 11 bucks.

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When people ordered the pizza, however, it did not look as advertised.

Several disappointed and confused customers who ordered from Papa John’s expecting a beautiful jack-o’-lantern pie to arrive at their houses tweeted photos of their not-so-stunning pizzas at the restaurant chain.

Here are a few of the jack-o’-lantern pies gone wrong — though we will say they’re spooky, which is technically still on-brand for Halloween.

Elizabeth M Hinrichs@ElizabethMHinr1Replying to @PapaJohns

Thought this was a neat idea, but i guess its the thought that counts

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Jessica@thefirstjessReplying to @PapaJohns


Kids were pretty disappointed by whatever this is supposed to be…

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Vera Knight@veraknight13Replying to @PapaJohns

No one at my house knew it was a jack o lantern lol. I was so excited when I opened the box for my 5 yr old grandson…he said…um..yeah..great, pizza…..

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SaTexasFoodies@satexasfoodiesReplying to @PapaJohns

Mine was just a happy face…

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Sasha Christen@Sasha_ChristenxReplying to @PapaJohns


It looks way cuter in the ad

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Miranda@MiSpi_5Replying to @PapaJohns

This was ours last night.

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The Papa John’s Twitter account has been busy replying to unsatisfied customers, and if you’re one of them the chain wants you to remember that “the pumpkin is in the eye of the beholder.”

Papa John’s Pizza@PapaJohnsReplying to @Sasha_Christenx

Well, the pumpkin is in the eye of the beholder. But the pizza is delicious.41:19 AM – Oct 28, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Papa John’s Pizza’s other Tweets

Maybe you can try making your own jack-o’-lantern pizza next year, but for now, cherish this video of how Papa John’s intended the pie to look.

Papa John’s Pizza@PapaJohns

We’ve never actually tried dipping a pumpkin in garlic sauce, but this Jack-O’-Lantern pizza is definitely better. Get yours today for $112068:34 PM – Oct 14, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy69 people are talking about thisTOPICS: CULTUREFOODPAPA JOHN’SPIZZA



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