If true, does this mean it won’t have a notch?

This photo from the website SlashLeaks shows a case for what might be the OnePlus 7. The phone in the case looks like a OnePlus 6T. But there is an interesting square hole on the top of the case.


Last year, phones like the iPhone XSGoogle Pixel 3 XL incorporated a notch into the front display to maximize screen space while reducing bezels. OnePlus released the 6 and 6T each with their own variation of the notch for a selfie camera. The OnePlus 6 followed in Apple’s footsteps with a wide-flat notch while the 6T had a less obtrusive teardrop-shaped one.

On Thursday, the website SlashLeaks posted several photos that purportedly show a case for the upcoming OnePlus 7. What is curious is a large squared off hole on the top part of the case. The hole lines up with rendered mock-ups of the OnePlus 7 with a pop-up selfie camera published last week by the India news and technology site Pricebaba Daily and Twitter user OnLeaks. A pop-up front-facing camera on the OnePlus 7 would prevent it from needing a notch. Interestingly enough, the leaked photos of the case seem to show a OnePlus 6T which didn’t have a pop-up selfie camera.

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I’m finally on my way back to LeakLand… Stick around Guys… 😉

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So… To celebrate my fourth Twitter Anniversary as @OnLeaks and start 2019 leaks season, here comes a lil gift as your very first look at the ! 360° video + gorgeous 5K renders + dimensions, on behalf of my Friends over @Pricebaba -> https://pricebaba.com/blog/oneplus-7-renders-360-degree-video-exclusive  pic.twitter.com/7oNyF9jgG0

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Whether any of this is true remains to be seen, but something that is for certain is that the OnePlus 7 won’t have wireless charging. As with previous OnePlus phones, the lack of wireless charging has been thought to be one of the factors that allowed OnePlus to keep the price of its phones hundreds of dollars lower than the likes from SamsungGoogle and LG.

A pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 could function similar to the Vivo Nex and Oppo F11 Pro.

OnePlus did not immediately respond to a request to comment.


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