The ride-hailing company is hitting the gas despite its competitor hitting a speed bump.

You might be able to drive these Lyft vehicles all by yourself.


Just as Uber’s stock market debut gets off to a rocky start, rival ride-hailing company Lyft is exploring the possibility of car rentals in San Francisco.

Lyft said its vision is to reduce the need for personal car ownership. As part of a small test, Lyft is experimenting with letting riders rent cars for long-distance trips.

Lyft users will pay about $60 per day to rent a standard sedan and $100 per day for an SUV, according to a report Friday from Engadget. It’s unknown at this time how many people are participating in the test and how many vehicles are available for rent. The vehicles are reportedly new and there aren’t any mileage caps or options for hourly rentals.

lyft car rental
Lyft’s app could soon include car rentals.


“We’re constantly adding multimodal options so people can use Lyft for any kind of trip. We’ve added bikes, scooters, and public transit info into the app in cities across the country, and we’re currently testing a small-scale rental option for long-distance trips, like a weekend away,” a Lyft spokesperson confirmed on Friday.

Originally published May 10 at 11:16 a.m. PT.
Update, 11:23 a.m. PT: Addd statement and images from Lyft.


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