If you can deny the siren call of social media, you could win.

Jet Blue
Would you give up your Instagram account for a year of free flights?

Tom Williams/Getty Images

Instagram accounts are no joke for some people. Social media accounts have essentially replaced scrapbooks or photo albums, and some influencers are paid to advertise products in posts. What would be incentive enough for someone to delete their Instagram pics?

JetBlue Airways is offering a chance to win free flights for a year if you dump all your Instagram photos. The “All You Can Jet”sweepstakes launched last week and runs through March 8. After clearing your account, you have to post a pic with the contest slogan — and you aren’t allowed to post anything else until the contest ends. You can see all the rules on the airline’s website.

“With the #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes, we’re encouraging travelers to fly with a blank slate to help them imagine of all the places they could jet to with the All You Can Jet pass,” said Heather Berko, manager of advertising and content at JetBlue Airways. “We hope this will serve as inspiration to refill their slate with the activities, places and people they will visit — wherever that may be!”

If you want to enter the contest, you don’t necessarily have to delete your photos forever. JetBlue suggested archiving them so you don’t lose your memories.

JetBlue kicked off the contest by purging its own Instagram account last week.


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