With iOS 12, force closing apps is going back to the good ol’ days.

César Salza / CNET

Force closing or quitting an app on iOS is, according to Apple at least, never really necessary. Still, some like to keep a tidy multitasking view. And let’s face it, there are times when an app has to be force closed because it’s simply stopped working.

Without a home button on the iPhone X ($1,000 at Cricket Wireless), there are some new gestures you’ll need to learn to get around if you’re just upgrading from an older iPhone. Force closing an app is one of those gestures you need to know.

To force close an app on the iPhone X running iOS 11, swipe up from the bottom and leave your finger on the screen about halfway up to activate multitasking mode.

Next, long press on any of the app previews until a red circle shows up in the top-left corner. You now have two options to close apps: Tap on the circle, or swipe up on the app previews. And, yes, you can still close more than one app at a time.

After installing iOS 12, out later this year, the process gets easier:
Jason Cipriani/CNET

Just swipe! You no longer have to long-press on an app card first. Keep in mind that iOS 12 is currently in beta and that the process may change before its official release this fall. If that happens, we will be sure to update this post.

Originally published on Dec. 20, 2017.
Update, July 31, 2018: Added info on iOS 12.


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