With little effort, you can cast your Oculus Quest to your TV. If you have a Google Chromecast device and a phone, you can easily stream what you’re doing to the big screen so that others can see it. Here’s how to set it all up.

What you need

In order to cast your Oculus Quest to your TV, you need a few things. Obviously, you need an Oculus Quest 2, Quest 1, Rift S, or the Go — either works! Second, you need a TV with a Chromecast connected to it. This can be either the regular Chromecast or the Chromecast Ultra. And lastly, you need a smartphone that’s running the Oculus app on the same WiFi network.

Step 1: Open the Oculus app

While the Oculus headset is on, use your phone to open the Oculus app. Inside the app, there’s a lot of options, but we only care about the icon on the top right. It looks like an Oculus headset but with a signal coming out of it. Hit it and you’ll be brought to a second screen.

The next screen is where you’ll choose some options for how you want to cast it to your Chromecast and TV. If you have more than one Oculus Quest headset, you’ll want to choose the correct one in the top settings. Below that, you’ll have a list of Chromecast TVs to send it to. Once you’ve selected the right TV, you can also choose what video quality you want it to be sent over with. While it’s possible that the Low-quality setting has better latency, it’s a fuzzy resolution for modern TVs, so we recommend the Standard setting. When you’re all done, you can hit the Start button on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Confirm inside the Oculus headset

This step requires you or someone to wear the headset and approve the permission to cast. All you need to do is wait for an option to show up that asks if you want to allow headset casting? You can Allow or Deny here and select an option to not show the warning dialogue again to speed up the process in the future. If the option box doesn’t immediately show up, you can also check for it in the device’s main menu under Sharing. Within Sharing, there’s a Cast option on the left that can trigger the option to show up for you.

Once you’ve allowed it, the Oculus should appear on the screen. It won’t be exactly in sync with your movements because it’s using the phone as a middleman, but it should be close enough for anyone who wants to watch.

Step 3: Enjoy your Oculus on the TV

You’re done! The ability to cast the Oculus Quest to the TV is great if you have people around that don’t want to watch you flail around and instead see what you’re actually doing. Like many VR headset owners, you probably want to show off what the hardware is capable of. The best way to do that is to stream it to a TV so that it’s clear how your movements interact with the game or experience. 



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