If you’re looking for a way to thank healthcare workers for putting their lives on the line to keep communities safe during the coronavirus pandemic, here’s an idea: Wear a mask.

That request comes straight from healthcare workers across the country who are pleading with Americans to mask up in a powerful, emotional new campaign.

The #MaskUp campaign, launched by 100 hospitals and healthcare centers across the nation, features a minute-long video ad along with a print ad, which was published in several newspapers including the New York Times.

The video ad above includes a variety of striking black and white images of tired and discouraged healthcare workers caring for COVID-19 patients.

As the heartbreaking images of PPE-covered doctors, nurses, and other medical workers cycle by, the following messages plays out on screen: 

“You’ve called us heroes…but heroes don’t deserve this. We’ve fought hard to protect our communities. Month. After. Month. Our shields are worn. Our resolve is being tested. Yet we press on because we truly want to see this pandemic end. We put our lives on the line daily to keep you safe. So, do something for us. Wear. A. Mask.”

To date, there have been nearly 250,000 coronavirus-related deaths and more than 11,400,000 cases of the virus in the United States alone. As cases continue to rise, temperatures get colder, and the holidays approach, health experts are urging people to take the virus seriously and step up their safety precautions. It’s been proven that the simple act of wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is why hospitals are begging people to step up their mask-wearing game.

To learn more about the #MaskUp campaign and additional coronavirus safety precautions, visit everymaskup.com.



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