Taking photos or videos with your phone out of the window of an airplane is not a great idea; the winds are strong up there in the sky, and you can easily lose your phone. 

But one man who dropped his iPhone out of a plane was lucky enough to find his device afterward in working condition. Even better, the phone took a video of the fall. 

According to Brazilian news outlet G1 (via 9to5Mac), filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto dropped his iPhone 6 out of a plane on Friday from a 300-meter (984 feet) height and found it intact the next morning. The only damage was to the screen’s protector, with the rest of the phone miraculously in near-perfect condition. The incident happened over Peró beach, some 100 miles east of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

“It is something that, if you tell someone, they wouldn’t believe you,” Galiotto told G1. 

Since Galiotto was taking a video at the time the iPhone left his hand, the device continued shooting video during the fall. Unfortunately, the video isn’t as beautiful as you might imagine; the phone was constantly spinning so the video took us just one big blur until the phone hits the sand. Check out the video over at G1

This is not the first time an iPhone has survived a fall from an airplane. In 2015, a Texas man dropped his iPhone from 9,300 feet and found it scratched by working, though his external battery was missing. 



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