Google is slightly downsizing this year’s Pixel phone.

Google hasn’t given us much to go on for the Pixel 7 phones yet, but one tech YouTube channel just gave us a little taste of what to expect when the phones drop this fall.

YouTuber Unbox Therapy got their hands on what they called “near-final” hardware builds of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro and did some size comparisons between the new phones and last year’s Pixel 6 lineup. While we still don’t know a great deal about what will differentiate the Pixel 7 from Pixel 6, we can glean a little bit from this video.

These Pixel 7 units in the video were not bootable, so there’s no info about camera quality or battery life, but the Pixel 7 has 8GB RAM and the Pixel 7 Pro has 12GB RAM. The former also carries128GB of storage, while the latter comes with 256GB. As we already know from Google’s Pixel 7 announcement earlier this year, the same visor-like camera bar runs horizontally across the upper center of the phone’s rear, though the Pixel 7’s is more reflective than the glassy one on the Pixel 6. Pixel 7 only has two cameras while Pixel 7 Pro has three.

The more interesting observations come in the realm of size, however. The Pixel 7 is shorter than the Pixel 6, while also weighing 10g less (205g versus 195g). Pixel 7 Pro is very slightly wider than the Pixel 6 Pro, but those two are more similar in their dimensions than the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 are. 

Unfortunately, that’s about all there is to gather from this video since the phones aren’t usable in any meaningful way. We’ll just have to wait until the fall to find out what new features Google is adding this year, presumably with a new version of the Tensor chip


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