Google is giving Android TV its biggest update in years with a plethora of new features set to roll out for smart TVs, gaming consoles and set top boxes running Android TV. This comes at a time when more and more TV makers globally are turning to Google’s Android TV as the versatile solution for their new line-up of smart TVs.

According to Google, there are more than 7000 applications and games on Google Play for the Android TV users. The company also said that the monthly number of active users of the app has been growing at 80 per cent year over year.

Android TV users will enjoy the facility of trying out new applications and games without installing them as Android TV is getting Google Play Instant support. Google Play Instant was brought by Google in the year 2017 which allows its customers to try out new applications without the need of installing them first on their device.

With Google Instant rolling out soon for Android TV, users will have the liberty to try new games for free and install only those which they find worthy. In addition to wasting one’s time in installing a game before laying your hands on it, the limited storage capacity of their smart television also binds them from needless downloads.

Among other new features, Google is also bringing a 4-digit PIN facility through which the customers will get access without entering their wholem password every time. A low-latency, virtual keyboard called Gboard TV is also in the makes.

Speech-to-text typing on Gboard TV

Speaking of typing with a remote, that’s easily one of the most infuriating experiences with smart TVs. Google has finally replaced the A-Z layout with a QWERTY layout. The new GBoard TV also includes speech-to-text, predictive typing, different alignments (center, left, or right), and optimizations for over 30 countries. Speech-to-text and predictive typing will be particularly useful as alternative input options in apps.

The Google Instant facility which has been provided by the Android TV will be particularly useful for those customers who want to try out new games and applications but resist from installing it without getting a trial of it.


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