Meanwhile, Android users have had this feature for nine months already.

As someone who uses an Android phone and an iPhone, having different capabilities on the same app can be mildly infuriating. Case in point: With Gmail on my Android phone, I can archive, delete, trash, mark as unread, move or snooze individual emails by swiping left or right from my inbox. It’s an incredibly convenient way to file away my emails and organize them quickly with a single gesture. But on my iPhone, my only option was to delete my emails, no matter which way I swiped.

That is, until today. Nine months after introducing the feature on Android, Gmail on iOS will finally have customizable swipe gestures. In addition to swiping you can also press down firmly (known as 3D Touch on some iPhones) or long press on a Gmail notification to bring up different filing options.

The feature will be available starting today, but don’t worry if you don’t see the update immediately, as it will require a few days for it to roll out to users.


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