Make your iPhone, iPad or Mac look brand new.

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You’ll need to wait until the fall for the updates to iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave to hit, but there’s no need to wait for the beautiful wallpapers Apple showed off at WWDC.

With each software update, Apple introduces new wallpapers to spiff up iOS devices and Macs, and this year is no different. iOS 12’s new wallpaper is a colorful splash of red, aqua and blue. Mojave gives you the choice of a sand dune landscape under the desert sun, or the pale, blue light of the moon — because the update to MacOS features a changing desktop wallpaper as part of its new Dark Mode.

iOS 12 wallpaper

You can grab the new iOS 12 wallpaper (image size: 1,125 x2,436 pixels) right here for the iPhone ($799.99 at Cricket Wireless):


To download the image to your Mac or laptop, click to enlarge it, right-click the image and choose Save Image As. Then move it to your iPhone via AirDrop, Dropbox, email or however you usually move files between your computer and phone.

To set it as your wallpaper on your iPhone, save the image to your phone, open the image in the Photos app, tap the share button in the lower-left corner and select Use as Wallpaper.

Here is the new iOS 12 wallpaper sized (2,934×2,934 pixels) for the iPad ($299.99 at Best Buy):


Follow the same method as detailed above for the iPhone to set the image as your iPad wallpaper.

MacOS Mojave wallpaper

Here’s the daytime Mojave wallpaper:


And here’s the evening Mojave wallpaper:


To set one of the above 5,120×2,880-pixel images as your wallpaper on your Mac or laptop, right-click on it and select Save Image As. Next, right-click on the thumbnail of the downloaded image and choose Set Desktop Picture.


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