Facebook has been receiving heavy backlash from lawmakers and the US presidential candidates who have accused the tech giant of allowing the politicians to lie in political ads. Although Facebook has been constantly defending its policies, the U.S. Democratic National Committee recently sent a letter to Sheryl Sandberg (COO of the tech giant) stating that Facebook’s policy on paid political advertisements consists of flaws that allow the spread of false informationreports Reuters.

The letter raises concerns around the political ad policy to Sandberg and also demands more transparency. “…we have significant remaining concerns about Facebook policies that allow the platform to be used to spread misinformation and undermine our democracy,” said Seema Nanda, chief executive of the Democratic National Committee.She further added that given that Facebook has got enormous financial resources and because of the risks involved with the upcoming elections, the tech giant needs to dedicate additional capacity to “enforce your terms of service against these types of malicious actors”.

According to Facebook, it’s in regular touch with the DNC to review and take action against any abuse. Moreover, Facebook has also taken up sessions to train the campaign participants on how they can share the details of a suspicious activity.

Moreover, it was just last month in November when the news of Facebook looking to make changes in its political ad policy came to light. Tech giant said it’s considering to limit down the politicians’ ability to use detailed demographic and personal information, which in turn, would help them narrow down the would-be voters with ads.

In another news, EU regulators have also got their eyes on Facebook and are investigating how the tech giant collects and monetizes its data. The questionnaire has been sent to the tech firm by EU which largely focuses on Facebook’s application programming interface (API) that allows developers to access data/functionalities on its platform as well as its photo-sharing website Instagram. The EU regulators are also zooming in on the data that’s collected by Facebook for marketing and advertising services.


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