It was last year when attorneys general in different US states opened antitrust investigations into Facebook and Google. And now Facebook has been sued by a total of four companies in the U.S. Federal Court for its “anticompetitive conduct”, stating the firm inappropriately canceled developer access to its platform in order to harm its competitors, reports Reuters.

Lawsuit was filed at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District Of California where the plaintiffs sought class-action status and unspecified damages. The filing is an escalation of Facebook’s struggles with small app developers who had set up their own companies based on access to its user data. And this is not the only lawsuit that the tech giant is dealing with, as thousands of pages of damaging internal emails have emerged from a similar lawsuit that was filed by Six4Three. Although the case has been described as ‘baseless’ by Facebook, this is just one of the many incidents of how the social media giant is struggling again when it comes to its reputation in the market.

According to Yavar Bathaee, a partner at Law firm ‘Pierce Bainbridge’ and the co-lead counsel in the case, “Facebook faced an existential threat from mobile apps, and while it could have responded by competing on the merits, it instead chose to use its might to intentionally eliminate its competition”.

In another news, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Facebook during her weekly press briefing where she accused the tech giant of “schmoozing” the Trump administration out of tougher regulation. Pelosi slammed Facebook for being irresponsible and labeled their behavior as “shameful”. She further added that Facebook’s business model is strictly based on money where the company doesn’t care about its impact on children or on truth and that the firm is “misleading the American People”.



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