Facebook, this week, introduced a number of new updates that focus on encouraging the video creators and publishers community, at a session at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

As per a report by TechCrunch, these updates include changes made by Facebook to its live video broadcasting features, Facebook Watch Party and Creator Studio. To add to this, Facebook also claims to have added enhanced tools and more features with improved analytics, among others.

Additionally, content creators can now also choose to schedule Instagram or IGTV content for up to six months beforehand, said the report.

As video advertising gains ground and battle for viewership heats up, it is not surprising that Facebook is putting an emphasis on videos even as it takes a valiant attempt to take on the video-sharing giant, YouTube.

Facebook Live

Facebook’s adding a bunch of new features to its popular Live feature, including Live rehearsals, replay trimming and simulcast Live broadcasting.

Rehearsals – Facebook’s adding an option for publishers to broadcast their Live videos to Page admins and editors, enabling them to bounce their ideas before sharing them with a larger audience.

Trimming – Facebook’s also adding a new ‘Trimming’ option so that publishers can cut off the beginning and end parts of their Live broadcast replays.

Live Video Limit – The social media is extending the maximum duration of Live videos to 8 hours when broadcasting only via the API, up from the current 4-hour limit. In addition, Live Videos will also be available for Facebook Lite users.

Simultaneous Broadcast – A simulcast option is also being added enabling Live video publishers to “broadcast simlutaneously to more than one online streaming service” through the Live API.

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Watch Party

Pages are now allowed to schedule a party in advance in order to create anticipation. “Replays”, meanwhile, allow others to watch the video after it airs. Page admins can now also tag business partners in branded content along with new analytics to check how their posts fare.

There’s also Live Commenting that lets a host go live in a ‘Watch Party’ to make their commentary available to a larger audience.

Creator Studio

Facebook’s Creator Studio, which is essentially used by publishers to manage and check the performance of their content on both Facebook and Instagram, has also been sprinkled with a few additions.

The dashboard will will now feature ‘Loyalty Insights’ that inform creators about the kind of videos that are driving return viewers.

Moreover, a new metric is also being added over a next few months. The latest Distribution metric will point each video’s performance on the basis of the Page’s average on metrics, including: Average Minutes Watched, 1 Minute Views and Retention.

Emphasising its focus on regional markets, Facebook’s also adding support for 13 more languages for auto-captioning, including Hindi, Chinese, Urdu, Tamil, Arabic, Italian, Malay, German, Russian, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese and Thai. The studio already supports languages such as English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.



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