Energy monitoring, surge protection and autonomous controls highlight Eve’s latest HomeKit gadget.

Eve Systems

In case one smart outlet isn’t enough, the Eve Energy Strip gives you three that you can control separately or together with the Eve app. Introduced at CES 2019, the latest gadget from Eve also lets you control the outlets through Apple’s digital assistant Siri.

The Energy Strip allows you to plug in up to three ordinary electronic devices and make them smart with app and voice controls. You’ll be able to turn an ordinary lamp on or off remotely. The Energy strip also provides electrical safety and surge protection and monitors the energy usage of your plugged in gadget.

Like Eve’s other smart home devices, it works with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform, so you can control the outlets with your voice through Siri as well. You’ll be able to turn off your outlets by talking to your iPhone or Apple’s HomePodsmart speaker. And you can group them into rooms and schedules with other HomeKit gadgets from other companies.

The Eve Energy Strip is due out in March and will cost $119. Eve Systems doesn’t have plans to bring it to the UK or Australia yet. The US price converts to roughly £100 or AU$170.


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