That’s two months of Verizon Visible, which would then cost you only $40 per month!

Get to know Verizon Visible on a Samsung Galaxy S9, which one lucky person is going to win.


Cheeps! Can’t remember the last time I did a giveaway. For my first one of 2019, I bring you something awesome.

You’ve heard of Visible, right? It’s Verizon’s spin-off service, offering an unlimited plan on that sweet network for just $40 per month. Though it was limited to iPhones when it launched last year, it’s now compatible with Samsung as well — as evidenced by this giveaway.

One lucky Cheapskate reader is going to walk away with an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 and two months of Visible service. After that extended trial is over, you’re not obliged to continue — but, man, $40 per month for unlimited Verizon? Pretty sweet.

How can you win* this valuable prize? Just read the rules carefully, accept the terms and conditions and fill out the form below. Don’t forget that you have the option to get additional entries by following our social channels, downloading the CNET app and sharing the unique link you get after registering to the sweepstakes. Each friend who signs up with your link gets you 10 extra entries.

You’ve got until Feb. 8 to make it happen. Good luck!


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