That was Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s initial response to a reporter inquiring about Baby X Æ A-12 at the under-construction Gigafactory Berlin Tesla electric car factory earlier in September. 

After hearing the question again, Musk laughed and finally recognized the name. “Oh, you mean my kid.” While laughing he commented, “That sounds like a password.” 

Apparently his youngest child with partner Grimes is called Little X for short (both Musk and Grimes have explained the significance behind the name) and it doesn’t sound like Musk has heard the full name spoken aloud since May, or perhaps ever.

Musk’s apparent confusion also makes us question if X’s moniker is a stunt (and not his real name at home) from the AI-obsessed couple. 

Catch Musk’s vacant expression when hearing his son’s name around the 1:20 minute mark.



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