Elon Musk is determined to get humans into space (and eventually Mars) on his SpaceX rockets — and ASAP.  But, in the meantime, the space travel company CEO should look into LEGO’s latest play set, the International Space Station, to satisfy his spacefaring dreams.

Announced Tuesday, the LEGO set is made up of 864 pieces to build the space station, a NASA space shuttle, three spacecraft, and two astronauts. It’ll be available starting Feb. 1 for $69.99, which is cheaper than a SpaceX rocket launch, that’s for sure.



An out-of-this-world building experience is coming! The LEGO International Space Station is available on February 1st! https://lego.build/2Ns3PxF  9,208 8:32 PM – Jan 21, 2020, Twitter Ads info and privacy

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As with anything LEGO-related, this is a realistic model. Your astronaut figures can perform a spacewalk or launch a satellite. It joins other memorable sets like the Flintstones house, the NASA Apollo Saturn V, and other classics. 

Building the 7x12x19-inch model is a complicated endeavor, so the set comes with a 148-page instruction book. 

Hey, no one said space was easy!



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