Apple may be working on a 20-inch foldable device

A big, foldable, laptop-table hybrid? Apple might be working on a large, foldable device – though it may take years before we can actually buy it.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ almost made me an Android believer

This iPhone addict ventured into the realm of Android, and I almost didn't come back. Samsung Galaxy S22+The Bottom LineThe S22+ is a gorgeous phone that...

Samsung’s back with a Mobile World Congress stream for February

Laptops? Phones? Earbuds? Robot dogs? Who knows! Samsung's got even more news for its fans before February's over, if they're still hungry for it.

5 best free photo layout apps

Get creative with collages. Photo layout apps, which can help you quickly and easily create attractive photo collages and montages, are an absolute godsend for those...

No, Venmo isn’t going to tax you if you receive more than $600

Some finance TikToks are spreading misleading advice. A recent piece of TikTok finance advice has struck terror into the hearts of payment app users, claiming that anyone who...

How to change your iPhone’s app icons

It's time to give your app icons a facelift. If your phone doesn't convey your personality in every possible way, is it even really your phone?

Honestly, I don’t love this new iMessage feature in iOS 15

It could be useful, but it's also clunky. A new version of iOS always takes some getting used to. But must I get used to this?

How to find hidden apps on your iPhone

Don't worry! They're not gone. So you figured out how to hide apps on your iPhone. Great! Until you realize you have no idea where they went...

Fed-up Instacart shoppers ask customers to delete the app

Instacart shoppers published an open letter with five demands, including occupational death benefits due to COVID. The shoppers have had enough. A group...

9 mind-soothing apps that will help you sleep better

Sleeping is a lot harder than it used to be. Let us help. Sleeping is a lot harder than it used to be.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 is worth the hype, but not the price

A high-tech toy for the deep-pocketed enthusiast. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 The Bottom LineThe Galaxy Z Fold 3 is another great foldable...

Everything announced at Samsung Unpacked 2021: Foldable edition

Your flip phone dreams have come true. If you're looking for the ability to dramatically snap your phone closed after a call, look no further than...

How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2021: foldable edition

Foldable and wearables should take center stage this time around. The summer tech lull is officially over thanks to Samsung. Fans of the...

Apple warns iPhone and Mac owners of vulnerability and its update time

The Apple security update is for iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. It's updating time. Again. Apple issued a series of warnings Monday aimed at...

A guide to the best tablets out there

When to buy an iPad — and when to buy something else. Even if you have a very capable smartphone and a nice laptop, tablets are still...
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