Microsoft says it won’t sell facial recognition tech to police, either

Microsoft President Brad Smith announced in a live-streamed conversation with the Washington Post Thursday that the company does not, and would not, sell facial recognition technology to police departments. 

Microsoft’s news AI publishes stories about its own racist failures

Hey, at least Microsoft's news-curating artificial intelligence doesn't have an ego. That much was made clear today after the company's news app highlighted Microsoft's most recent racist failure.

Virtual Minecraft protest demands Microsoft address the game’s sexual predator problem

“Sexual predators are hunting kids on Minecraft,” the sign says. “Minecraft is ignoring 120,000 parents asking them to keep kids safe,” reads the other side of the sign. 

Microsoft Outlook is getting text predictions, 2 years after Gmail

Microsoft's Outlook is getting a new feature that will suggest words and phrases while the message is being composed, allowing users to easily autocomplete emails.  The...

Microsoft rolls out protection against ‘reply all’ email storms

One surefire way to take down an email system is to send a message with thousands of recipients attached only to have a few of them hit reply all,...

Microsoft unveils the Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3

Microsoft officially took the wraps off the Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3. Starting at $399, the Surface Go 2 features a 10.5-inch PixelSense display, Studio Mics...

Microsoft patent details folding phone with 3 displays

Microsoft's Surface Duo is a folding phone, but it relies on two displays rather than one that folds. However, a new patent suggests Microsoft's future folding phones may end up using...

SpaceX stops all employees from using Zoom

With millions of people self-isolating around the world, video chat services have become very popular, but do they pose a risk to our privacy and security? SpaceX thinks so, as it...

Microsoft Is Rolling Out Colorful New Icons For Windows 10 Users

Microsoft is all set to start rolling out a new bunch of redesigned app icons in Windows 10 which were created under the Redmond giant's fresh Fluid Design aesthetic.

Microsoft says it will reverse its lifetime carbon dioxide emissions by 2050

Being carbon neutral isn't enough to address global climate change, the company argues. Microsoft, trying to do its part to tackle what Chief Executive Satya Nadella...

Microsoft Just Killed Support For Windows 7

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, one of the company's most successful products, starting Tuesday.  That means Microsoft will no longer patch Windows 7 bugs or offer...

Microsoft found 44 million accounts using breached passwords

Microsoft has discovered 44 million user accounts are using usernames and passwords that have been leaked through security breaches. As ZDNet reports, the vulnerable account logins were...

Microsoft’s bizarre AirPods competitor has been delayed until next year

If Microsoft's dinner-plate-shaped wireless earbuds were on your holiday wishlist this year, you might want to cross them off. The company is delaying its $249 wireless earbuds —...

Microsoft is scaling back the Android and iOS versions of the Cortana app

After four years of existing on iOS and Android whether you knew it or not, Cortana might not be long for the two dominant mobile platforms. 

Microsoft Surface Duo Isn’t Meant To Be A Galaxy Fold Competitor: Here’s Why

2019 was supposed to be the year for foldable smartphones and though that hasn't exactly been the case, we now have a new tech giant joining a rather exclusive...


Motorola will make a stand with premium 5G phones

Now known for budget devices, the phone maker is ready to make a dive back into the high-end race.