Apple latest iPhones, namely the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max lack a number of features that were expected to be introduced. We know Apple saving a lot of features for its 2020 iPhone crop, but there’s definitely one feature which we did expect to see – reverse wireless charging.

The reason why this feature is being brought up again is because of a tweet by a reliable Apple insider who claims that all the three new iPhones actually feature hardware to allow bilateral. The tweet, posted by acclaimed tipster Sonny Dickson mentions that the iPhone 11 trio have the required hardware to facilitate reverse wireless charging, but it has been deactivated at a software level by Apple.

Sonny Dickson@SonnyDickson

Reliable sources are saying iPhone 11 and 11 Pro do include the hardware for bilateral charging, but that it is software disabled. Uncertain whether this was removed prior to final production run.7829:03 AM – Sep 13, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy180 people are talking about this

The arrival of reverse wireless charging was tipped by reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in April 2019, and this bit of information was later supported by a Bloomberg report as well. However, Kuo later went back on his tip and claimed that the iPhone 11 series won’t offer reverse wireless charging after all.

While it remains unknown why Apple mysteriously decided to drop the feature eventually, reports suggest that folks at the company weren’t very happy with the battery tradeoff involved. As it seems, it may have been too late for Apple to pull the hardware from the phones and it will simply remain dormant.

But leaving the hardware inside does leave Apple with a possible chance to work on the feature and get it up to scratch and possibly even add support for it through a software update. If history is anything to go by, the chances of that happening, is rather slim.

Back in March this year, Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad was seemingly scrapped, an entire 18 months after Apple unveiled it alongside the iPhone X.


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