Apple’s iPhones, even the most expensive ones, typically come with a fairly low amount of RAM compared to Android flagships. Last year’s iPhone XS and XS Max had 4GB, while the iPhone XR had 3GB. Apple never highlights this spec, and to company’s credit new iPhones typically don’t feel like they’re lacking in the RAM department, but it’s still an important number.

This year, however, the top iPhones are making a huge leap in the RAM department.

According to TENAA certification documents (TENAA is a Chinese regulatory agency that oversees smartphones), unearthed by leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with 6GB of RAM.

Steve H.McFly@OnLeaks …

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Steve H.McFly@OnLeaksReplying to @Dritone @officialimicca1: I said “seems like”
2: That’s what official certification platforms says
2062:34 PM – Sep 12, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy33 people are talking about this

According to Hemmerstoffer, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same amount, while the iPhone 11 comes with 4GB of RAM.

Steve H.McFly@OnLeaks

For those who care about these details #Apple never share officially, seems like:

#iPhone11 = 4GB RAM + 3110mAh battery (Xr = 3GB + 2942mAh)
#iPhone11Pro = 6GB RAM + 3190mAh battery (Xs = 4GB RAM + 2658mAh)
#iPhone11ProMax = 6GB RAM + 3500mAh (Xs Max = 4GB RAM + 3174mAh)3,2941:06 PM – Sep 12, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy926 people are talking about this

The battery capacity figures, also stated in the TENAA certification documents, indicate a sizeable improvement as well, which makes sense given that Apple claims the iPhone 11, and especially the Pro models, have vastly improved battery life over their predecessors.

These numbers don’t necessarily need to be true; we’ll know for certain when the new iPhones hit the market and get dissected.

But if they are, it’s notable as it’s the biggest RAM boost the iPhone has ever gotten from one generation to the next. It’s still paltry compared to the RAM capacities of some Android flagships; for example, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 comes with 12GB of RAM. It does make the new iPhones a bit more future-proof, though.


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