iOS devices will reportedly now ask you to confirm your subscription.

Apple wants you to only subscribe when you really mean it.

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Apple wants to make sure you don’t subscribe to apps accidentally.

The iPhone maker has added a new step to help make sure users are only subscribing to iOS apps when they mean to, according to a 9to5 Mac’ reporton Thursday. After clicking on a button for an in-app subscription — for example to unlock premium or upgraded features — iOS will reportedly show a pop-up that says “Confirm Subscription” asking you to confirm you actually want to subscribe. The alert, which was spotted earlier by developer David Barnard, comes after you confirm a subscription with Touch ID.

David Barnard


Whoa! Apple added an additional confirmation step for subscriptions. This new alert comes after you confirm with Touch ID/Face ID. I hope they address this in a more elegant way in iOS 13, but I’m thrilled Apple took a definitive step to curb scam subscriptions. ?? @pschiller

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The new step should prevent people from accidentally subscribing to apps, which has reportedly been a problem for those with Touch ID phones. What’s been happening is this: Users get a pop-up message asking them to subscribe. When they put their finger on the home button to exit the app, Touch ID instead authorizes it and signs them up for the subscription.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


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