Diabetics can track their blood sugar with the device, which connects to the iPhone.

Apple is now selling the One Drop blood glucose monitor in some of its US stores, One Drop said Thursday. The device connects to a user’s iPhone to help diabetics monitor their blood sugar with Apple’s Health app.

One Drop is the only product for people with diabetes that Apple is currently selling in its brick-and-mortar stores, but it did previously sell the device online, according to CNBC. It also sold a Sanofi glucose meter in 2012.

One Drop’s kit includes a blood glucose meter that takes readings and an app for the iPhone and the Apple Watch that gathers data and links it to Apple’s Health app. The kit Apple sells in its stores costs $69.95, according to CNBC, and comes with a year of unlimited diabetes coaching.

Apple has increasingly been pushing into the health care space. It’s reportedly working on a glucose monitor for the Apple Watch, and a patent application published earlier this year suggests the company envisions devices that can “smell” blood sugar. Apple also launched its Heart Study app in 2017, which can identify irregular heart rhythms.


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