The company says it directly employs 90,000 people, with added jobs coming from suppliers and others that support Apple products.

President Donald Trump has criticized Apple for not making its products in the US, but the iPhone maker says it’s responsible for creating and supporting millions of jobs in America. Apple on Thursday said its job footprint across all 50 states has grown to 2.4 million, which the company says is four times the number of jobs attributable to it eight years ago.

Apple directly employs 90,000 people, the company said in a release, with the rest of the jobs coming from suppliers, contractors and other businesses that support its products and services. A large portion of these jobs, 1.9 million, are related to third-party software developers that make apps for Apple devices. At this pace, Apple says, the company will contribute $350 billion to the US economy by 2023.

Apple, which hit  $1 trillion in value last year, didn’t provide details on how it reached these job totals.

In September, Apple will likely unveil its next flagship phone, tentatively called the iPhone 11. Little about the new phone has been confirmed, but the big change may come in the form of three rear cameras. One thing we do know: It won’t work with 5G.


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