Amazon’s Prime Day is starting to wind down, but you can still find huge savings on Amazon Echo smart speakers, Google devices, routers, connected doorbells, smart lights and other smart home products.

Amazon Prime Day‘s marathon of sales is entering its final stretch. With Day 2 of the 48-hour event nearing its end, you fortunately still have time to snag exciting deals on a wide variety of smart homeproducts and other connected gadgets, including Amazon’s own Echo devices and other smart speakers and home hubs ( $79 at Walmart).

Some deals have sold out, and we’ll watch to see if they come back, but most of our favorites are still going. If you prefer the Google Assistant family, Amazon competitors such as WalmartBest Buy and Target are selling those products at big discounts. Below, we list our favorite current smart home deals.

We’ll update this page as the deals progress, but if you see something you’d like, grab it now while the getting is good.

Note CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Top deals

Ben Fox Rubin/CNETThe Echo Dot has long been one of our favorite smart speakers, and the third-gen version looks less industrial and sounds better than before. It’s a great purchase at its normal price of $50, given that you get all of the smarts of Amazon’s assistant Alexa for a reasonable splurge and you can plug it into your own sound system. At $22, it’s an absolute steal and this is the lowest price we’ve seen in a while. This is a good time to jump.

If you want a bundle, you can also get three for $60 total.

Note: The charcoal model is now unavailable, but this deal is still available for the sandstone-colored Dot.

Tyler Lizenby/CNETThis is our favorite smart display with Alexa. The Echo Show 5 is pretty new, so it’s a surprise to see it on sale already, but this deal is awesome. The Show 5 has a 5.5-inch touchscreen. You can talk to Alexa and it can wake you up with a nifty sunrise animation.

Chris Monroe/CNETNot to be left out, Google is offering big discounts on smart home products as well. The Google Home Mini is a great alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot. Like the Dot, it packs a lot of smarts into a small and affordable package. If you’d rather center your home around Google Assistant instead of Alexa, this is a great place to start and this is a great time to jump. The $25 price makes the Mini an easy splurge. Note that this deal and the following deals on Google Home products are currently the same at Best Buy and Walmart.

Ian Knighton/CNET$50 is the lowest price we’ve seen for the second-gen Amazon Echo. If you want an Alexa smart speaker with slightly more sound quality than the Dot, grab this now.

Note: Like the Dot, the charcoal-colored Echo is sold out, but this deal is still available in both heather gray and sandstone.

Chris Monroe/CNETWhile it’s not the lowest price we’ve seen, $79 for the Nest Hub is still a decent deal and the Nest Hub is still our favorite smart display, despite tough new competition. If you want a smart speaker with a touchscreen for extra visuals, this is the one to get. It’s particularly great as a family photo frame and as a kitchen assistant.

Chris Monroe/CNETRight now, you can snag the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for the nice price of $169. The smart doorbell works with Alexa, and lets you check on your porch remotely with an app. You can even tell the delivery person to leave your package with your Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display.

Chris Monroe/CNETI was hoping for this one. The Lenovo Smart Clock is a great alarm clock that’s a little too much at its normal $80 price. At $60, it makes a lot more sense. In addition to voice controls through Google Assistant, you can customize your alarm to control your smart home and wake you up gradually with a sunrise animation.

Sarah Tew/CNETThis deal is not currently available.

Sonos One is one of our favorite smart speakers. It sounds great when playing music and costs significantly less than other premium smart speakers like the Google Home Max or the Apple HomePod. Even better, you don’t have to commit to one platform when buying it as it works with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. The $180 price on the second-gen model is a great deal if you want a platform-agnostic smart speaker with awesome sound quality.

$179.00 AT AMAZON

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Chris Monroe/CNETThe Max was recently on sale for $212, so it could drop again, but $249 is still a bargain. Google’s premium smart speaker uses the same assistant as the rest, but soups up the sound quality so your music booms. It’s one of the better premium smart speakers out there — and this price is much easier to swallow than the original $400.

$249.00 AT WALMART

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Tyler Lizenby/CNETThe original Google Home mixes smarts and sound quality well for a reasonable price. Google’s first smart speaker was designed to compete with the Amazon Echo, and it does so handily, with plenty of features thanks to the built-in Google Assistant. The $69 price is a good deal that mirrors Amazon’s similar one on the Echo.


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Tyler Lizenby/CNETThe second-gen Echo Show refined the design of the first model and offers better sound quality and a 10-inch HD screen. It combines the functionality of a smart speaker like the Echo Dot with a touchscreen you can use for video calls and controlling your smart home with a tap. We like the $90 Echo Show 5 a little better, but $160 for the full-size Show is a tempting offer.

Chris Monroe/CNETThis is our favorite smart speaker for controlling your smart home. The Echo Plus has the same Alexa capabilities as the rest, it sounds better than other Amazon Echo speakers, and it has a built-in Zigbee hub so it can talk directly to small smart home sensors. With the Plus, you can do away with bulky third-party hubs, so the $110 sale price is pretty appealing.

Amazon is now bundling in an Amazon Smart Plug for no extra cost as a Prime Day exclusive. The Plus and the Plug make a great smart home starter kit.

James Martin/CNETFacebook’s smart display doesn’t have as many features as the Echo Show, but you can still talk to Alexa and it’s specifically designed for video calls. The camera will pan and zoom to track you so you can move around the room while chatting and stay in frame. It’s perfect if you have out-of-town grandparents who want to keep up with the action of your little ones. Given Facebook’s recent privacy scandals, it’s a tough sell, but the huge discount is great if you don’t mind putting a Facebook device with a camera in your home.

Smart home security deals

Chris Monroe/CNETAmazon has sales on all kinds of Ring products for Prime Day, which makes sense as Amazon owns the smart home brand. The outdoor Spotlight cam hangs on your porch and provides reliable lighting and monitoring for your yard. The Spotlight Cam is also easy to set up, making it one of our favorite outdoor cams. The $139 price makes it a steal.

Chris Monroe/CNETThe Stick Up Cam doesn’t stand out from the crowd as well as the Spotlight cam. It’s an indoor cam with a wired and wireless version. It’s a solid performer, but lacks some of the features of similar security cams. Still, at a discount, it’s worth considering.

Chris Monroe/CNETSimpliSafe is our favorite DIY security system and this 10-piece kit is more than enough to get you up and running. SimpliSafe works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It combines affordable monitoring with reliable performance.

Ry Crist/CNETRing’s simple but reliable security system was already reasonably priced. The Prime Day sale makes it a great buy if you want a DIY system monitoring your home.

Update, 1:23 p.m. PT: This deal is currently out of stock, but smaller Ring kits are still available at a discount.

$199.00 AT AMAZON

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The Blink XT2 is a weatherproof security camera with a battery that can supposedly last for two years. Getting a two-pack for $100 is a nice deal.

$100.00 AT AMAZON

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Router deals

Josh Miller/CNETBoth the bundled system and Eero’s individual routers are on sale. The mesh system in particular creates a seamless network capable of covering a large home. Our main issue with it is the price, and that’s dramatically lower for Prime Day. If you want a mesh Wi-Fi system, this is a good time to grab one.

D-Link has its mesh system on sale today as well with a great price on a two-pack meant to cover up to 6,000 square feet.

$175.00 AT AMAZON

Today you can save almost 50% on this gaming router from Netgear.

$69.00 AT AMAZON

Save over $100 on this mesh Wi-Fi system from Netgear as well.

$317.00 AT AMAZON

This Wi-Fi 6 Asus router promises speeds of up to 11,000 Mbps. Asus actually has deals on a few of its routers, including $25 off of this model and a good Wi-Fi 5 router for $60.

$400.00 AT AMAZON

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Other smart home deals

Tyler Lizenby/CNETThis smart lock fits onto your existing deadbolt, works with Wi-Fi thanks to the Connect module and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s a great smart lock at a great price today.

Chris Monroe/CNETIf you’d rather replace your deadbolt than use a retrofit option, the Yale Assure lock is a good smart model. Note that you’ll need a separate smart home hub to control it remotely. Right now, you can get it at a nice discount and get even more off of the $153 sale price with Amazon’s generic 20% smart home sale coupon.

$153.00 AT AMAZON

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The iRobot Roomba 690 is already much more budget-friendly than most robot vacuums. It’s a Wi-Fi-connected model that you can control with Alexa or Google Assistant. Today, you can snag it for $230 or grab the more robust Roomba 891 for $300.

$230.00 AT AMAZON

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Tyler Lizenby/CNETYou can control Amazon’s simple microwave with a voice command if you have a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot. Fortunately, for Prime Day you can buy the microwave at its normal $60 price, and it comes with a free Dot. Say the word and get your popcorn cooking.

If you want a fancy, smart ceiling fan, the Haiku series is tough to beat as far as functionality. Normally, our hesitation in recommending the series is the price, but this sale on the L Series makes the buy-in much easier to stomach.

$604.00 AT AMAZON

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Make your garage door smart with this hub that attaches to the door and connects it to Wi-Fi. You’ll then be able to open and close it with a voice command to Alexa or Google Assistant. MyQ also has an app so you can close the garage with a tap when you’re out and about and wondering if you’ve left it open.

$30.00 AT AMAZON

This is a great price on four connected lights if you want to add smart lighting to your garden or your patio.

Check out the rest of our favorite smart lighting deals.

$95.00 AT AMAZON

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Sarah Tew/CNETItem is currently unavailable.

Sonos also makes a sound bar with Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. That was on sale too, for a big chunk off of its normal list price.

$359.00 AT AMAZON

See the Sonos Beam review

Chris Monroe/CNETLots of smart bulbs from Sengled will be on sale on Prime Day. The best deal available now is this four-pack of soft white bulbs plus the necessary hub. The bulbs are only $40 and even cheaper if you apply the 20 percent smart home discount at checkout. This deal is a great way to get started with smarter lights in your home.

$40.00 AT AMAZON

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Chris Monroe/CNETPhilips Hue offers a wide variety of popular and competent smart bulbs. This starter kit works with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. The $100 price is a good deal if you want your smart bulbs to be able to set the mood with color.

$100.00 AT AMAZON

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AmazonGot a light that’s connected to two separate switches, perhaps one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom? That’s called a three-way switch setup, and it can complicate things if you want to smarten up that light. Kasa’s 3-Way Smart Switch Kit can do the job, replacing both switches and pairing them together so that your automations and Alexa/Google Assistant voice controls (and the switches themselves) work as expected no matter which switches are turned on or off. $40 for two smart switches is a great deal, and similar to what you’d usually expect to pay for a single smart switch that supports three-way setups.

$40.00 AT AMAZON

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