Of course, nothing is ever really gone from the internet.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10 line is ditching its headphone jack. After years of being one of the last true holdouts, it seems that not even the mighty Samsung could continue to prolong the inevitable death of the beloved port.

Of course, with this switch, there is a bit of irony. As rumors continued to pick up steam that Apple was set to remove the headphone jack on 2016’s iPhone 7, Samsung mocked the decision when touting the audio jack’s presence during its (now ill-fated) Galaxy Note 7 launch event.

For the Note 8, Samsung released an ad showing mocking how iPhoneusers needed to use a dongle to charge and listen to wired headphones at the same time.

For the Galaxy S9 the company continued to poke fun at the iPhone’s need for dongles, including in a “moving on” ad that shows a woman longingly looking at a Galaxy user watching a movie on a plane, with the shot lingering for a second to show that the man is using wired headphones.

But nothing compares with the “ingenious” ads that accompanied 2018’s Galaxy S9. They parodied Apple’s Geniuses to tout the superiority of Samsung gear, including the lack of the need for dongles.

Not surprisingly, as Business Insider points out, these videos are no longer easily findable on Samsung’s main YouTube account. But nothing on the internet is ever truly gone, so plenty of copies can still be found on the platform.

But welcome to dongle life, Samsung fans. While we were hoping you wouldn’t be here so soon, we all knew it was only a matter of time.


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