Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro has been very well received by the media and early adopters alike and the Cupertino appears to have finally plugged problems associated to its vulnerable butterfly switches or thermal throttling.

But the company does have a couple of recurring problems to deal with here: a consistent popping or clicking sound from the speakers and a clipping noise you get when sound peaks a little too high on the speaker system. The second issue is to do with display ghosting – an issue that stem from a slow response time from the screen, resulting in what’s known as a ‘ghosting’ effect when scrolling through text.

But those upgrading from a 2014 or 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro, the crowd that steered clear of the butterfly keyboard, claim their previous displays didn’t exhibit this problem.

Apple, meanwhile, is expected to have begun working on MacBook Pro’s with Mini-LEDs, set for release in 2020. This could very well mean that the 16-inch MacBook Pro could be the last of its kind to feature 60Hz Retina display. The reason I mention 60Hz here is because in a world of 90Hz and 120Hz phones, and even smoother gaming monitors, it could be just a situation where the MacBook’s 60Hz refresh sticks out as being less responsive. But then again, those who’ve compared it to their earlier MacBook Pro’s would know better.

Most users aren’t too bothered about these 16-inch MacBook Pro problems (as claimed on AppleInsider’s forum), while others are returning their purchased units and exchanging them for new ones. Call it nitpicking but if you’re spending a minimum of INR 1,99,900, you certainly should expect a device free of issues.

Apple is reportedly aware of these 16-inch MacBook Pro problems, but we’ve yet to hear a statement from their side. We’ve issued a query from our side to see if the company has any noteworthy statement to produce. Until then, we’ll just say that if the issue is bothering you a little too much, head over to the nearest Apple Store outlet and get your portable Mac replaced.


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