The company revealed its flagship Galaxy S20 phones and accessories including a new super-large model, the Z Flip foldable and the Galaxy Buds Plus.

At its first Unpacked Event for 2020, Samsung revealed the next generation of its ultra-popular flagship Galaxy phones, the S20, S20 Plus, and the relatively mammoth S20 Ultra, as well as the new Galaxy Z Flip folding phone. The event takes place in the shadow of coronavirus worries around the world.

Galaxy owners will be getting a perk, as well: Netflix bonus content on your phones!

Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung’s rumored rival for the new Motorola Razr is now official, bringing last century’s clamshell flip phone up to date with dual screens. It hardly comes as a surprise, though, as Samsung first revealed it during the 2020 Oscars. The prices start at $1,380 (£1,300 or about AU$2,055).

Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra

While less buzzy than the Z Flip, Samsung’s ultra-popular Galaxy phones get their annual refresh. This time, though, there’s a new big phone on the block — the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which steps into the Note 10 Plus’ size turf at almost 7 inches. It adds another camera and some new photo smarts. There’s also a 120Hz OLED display (along with an ongoing partnership with Xbox Game Studios for mobile gaming) and support for two 5G standards, among other things. The 5G models start at $999 (£799 or about AU$1,540) and will be available on March 6. (And the S10s are getting price drops!)

Samsung also offered up a refreshed version of its Galaxy Buds. The “Plus” in Galaxy Buds Plus refers to its improved battery life and extra microphone. Still no noise cancellation, though.     

Galaxy Buds Plus: Better battery life, sound, call quality and more Apple friendly


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