Things are a little weird right now. But at least you can work out at home with Apple’s new Powerbeats 4 wireless earbuds.

These are the followup to the Powerbeats 3 that came out in 2016. At $149, they’re a full Benjamin cheaper than the excellent Powerbeats Pro earbuds Beats launched a year ago. For that price, you get 15 hours of battery life, water, and sweat resistance, and hopefully the same quality sound we’ve come to expect from Beats over the years.

They’re still connected by a wire, which runs behind the ears. But now you can use “Hey Siri” for hands-free controls. They launch on March 18.

Aside from all that, this seems like a nice, but the fairly incremental upgrade for Powerbeats. It’s also a little hard to be blown away because they were leaked to oblivion before release. 9to5Mac got a video of the earbuds last week, and someone even spotted them on Walmart shelves before they were announced.

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@9to5mac @MacRumors did the new Beats Powerbeats drop without announcement? these were found in my local Walmart in Rochester NY.

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It’s a little unfortunate for Beats that their new wireless earbuds, which are generally associated with working out, are launching right as most Americans are being advised to stay home as much as they can. Still, if you plan on keeping up your fitness regimen in your living room, maybe these will help.


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