Drive Me To The Moon In One Of These Lunar Cars

What if a car, but on the moon? 

The designers for Lexus and Toyota went beyond Earth to cook up concept ideas for out of this world rides. But instead of an all-electric autonomous vehicle with drone helpers like the LF-30 concept car released in 2019, the design team came up with moon cars.

Lexus calls it “moon mobility concepts” but let’s be real: These ideas are for riding around the moon like a boss. Seven space vehicle concepts were dreamed up and a selected design featured in Document Journalan art and culture magazine. 

The selection? A concept called “Zero Gravity” that looks like a futuristic motorcycle that can go 310 mph and handle the bumps of the moon’s surface, no problem.

Other ideas from Lexus’s ED^2 design studio include glass tubes, a bouncing moon roller, a large-wheeled “cruiser” that transforms into a drone, a seat in a glass bubble, and a six-wheeled rover with a separate living compartment. 

Moon trip anyone?


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